Needs Work. This is the converstion whereby various exergy carriers are consumed for the sake of cooking food. However, some exergy goes to warm air, which is eventually dissipated. Other exergy goes to "Cooking thermal", which is a carrier with no sinks (I supposed the food eventually cools and is eaten).

Average Efficiency: 10.48%


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosine 3.700e+10 6.955e+05
Electricity 4.200e+10 0.000e+00
Mined Coal 4.725e+10 1.418e+06
Pipeline Natural Gas 1.089e+11 1.617e+06
Propane 1.382e+11 2.322e+06
Solid Biofuel 8.600e+11 2.150e+07
TOTAL 1.233e+12 2.755e+07


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Atmosphere 0.000e+00 2.755e+07
Warm Air 5.695e+09 0.000e+00
Heat (Cooking) 1.236e+11 0.000e+00
TOTAL 1.293e+11 2.755e+07