Oil and Gas Extraction

Location and extraction of fluid hydrocarbons from the subsurface. Taps into natural accumulations of liquid hydrocarbons (oils) and gaseous hydrocarbons (natural gas - mostly methane) and extracts them from the lithosphere.

Average Efficiency: 95.95%


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Subsurface CO2 0.000e+00 4.038e+06
Electricity 1.700e+10 0.000e+00
Subsurface Natural Gas 3.399e+12 5.048e+07
Subsurface Petroleum 5.387e+12 1.013e+08
TOTAL 8.803e+12 1.558e+08


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Atmosphere 0.000e+00 5.048e+06
Extracted Natural Gas 3.059e+12 4.947e+07
Extracted Petroleum 5.387e+12 1.013e+08
TOTAL 8.446e+12 1.558e+08