Road and Rail Vehicles

Catch-all for automobiles, trucks and trains (probably off-road vehicles such as construction equipment as well, although those may be rolled into manufacturing). This should probably be disaggregated into light duty vehicles, heavy duty trucks, trains and off-road vehicles. Maybe look for IEA, EIA or DOT specifications

Average Efficiency: 10.03%


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Pipeline Natural Gas 7.259e+09 1.078e+05
Electricity 2.000e+10 0.000e+00
Ethanol 2.774e+10 4.883e+05
Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosine 2.224e+12 4.182e+07
TOTAL 2.279e+12 4.242e+07


Carrier Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Atmosphere 0.000e+00 4.242e+07
Mechanical Work (Vehicles) 2.287e+11 0.000e+00
TOTAL 2.287e+11 4.242e+07