Energy and Exergy Use in Residential Sector of Saudi Arabia

Publication Type Journal Article
Year 2004
Journal Journal of Energy Sources
Primary Author Dincer, I.
Author Hussain, M. M.
Author Al-Zaharnah, I.
Volume 26
Issue 13
Pages 1239-1252
DOI 10.1080/00908310490441566
Abstract In this article we conduct an analysis of energy and exergy utilization in the residential sector of Saudi Arabia by considering the sectoral energy and exergy flows for the 12 years between 1990 and 2001. Energy and exergy analyses are undertaken for its four subsectors, namely air conditioning, lighting, cooking appliances and others, and hence the energy and exergy efficiencies are obtained for comparison. From the analysis, the most energy efficient subsector in the residential sector appears to be the air-conditioning subsector and the most exergy efficient one is lighting for all over the years. It is also found that the average overall exergy efficiency in this sector is 9.6% while the corresponding average overall energy efficiency is 76.9%. It is believed that the present technique is a key tool for analyzing sectoral energy and exergy utilization, to help provide energy savings through efficiency and/or conservation measures. It is also helpful to establish standards to facilitate using such tools as part of energy planning.
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