Technological prospects and CO2 emission trading analyses in the iron and steel industry: A global model

Publication Type Journal Article
Year 2005
Journal Energy
Primary Author Hidalgo, Ignacio
Author Szabo, Laszlo
Author Ciscar, Juan Carlos
Author Soria, Antonio
Volume 30
Issue 5
Pages 583-610
DOI 10.1016/
Abstract This article presents the Iron and Steel Industry Model (ISIM). This is a world simulation model able to analyze the evolution of the industry from 1997 to 2030, focusing on steel production, demand, trade, energy consumption, CO2 emissions, technology dynamics, and retrofitting options. In the context of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the potential impacts of a CO2 emission market (e.g. the gains in terms of compliance costs, the country trading position, the evolution of the technology and the energy mixes) are also addressed. In particular, three emission trading scenarios are considered: an EU15 market, an enlarged EU market, and an Annex B market.
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