Subsurface Natural Gas

Natural gas as it exists in the subsurface, before it has been extracted


Name Energy (J) Exergy (J) Carbon (g) Year Active
Natural Gas Resources 4.762e+22 5.000e+22 8.300e+17 1998 true


Transformation Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Hydrocarbon Formation 1.880e+09 3.120e+04 The long-term carbon cycle, fossil fuels and atmospheric composition
TOTAL 1.880e+09 3.120e+04


Transformation Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s)
Hydrocarbon Oxidation 1.880e+09 3.120e+04
Oil and Gas Extraction 3.399e+12 5.048e+07
TOTAL 3.401e+12 5.051e+07