Light liquid hydrocarbons really amounts to LPG. Sometimes it's true LPG (a pressurized mixture of ethane, propane, butane, etc.), but since this stuff is usually trucked around as pressurized liquids, it really all falls under LPG. The old LPG carrier is unused.


Transformation Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s) Citations
Petroleum Refining 1.857e+11 3.119e+06 IEA Energy Statistics
TOTAL 1.857e+11 3.119e+06


Transformation Exergy Flux (J/s) Carbon Flux (g/s)
Chemical Production 8.440e+09 1.418e+05
Space Heating 1.794e+10 3.013e+05
Water Heating 2.110e+10 3.545e+05
Cooking 1.382e+11 2.322e+06
TOTAL 1.857e+11 3.119e+06